Seattle at Night Washington
Web Developer
January 2009 – Present

Web Developer in,, Classic ASP, HTML, SQL, ODBC, JavaScript. Serve as the network administrator for small businesses as well as transferring media from old technology to digital. For more information, go to the following URLs: and

COO / Director of Operations
High Point Energy, LLC.
September 2008 – November 2008

Served as one of the founders of a renewable energy company. While at High Point Energy LLC I developed the Web-sites (,,, managed personnel, designed literature for marketing, courses for salesmen and installers, mapped procedures and contacted suppliers of renewable energy products to obtain representation.

FocusMicro Inc.
May 2005 – January 2008

Working for a technology based security systems integration company, served as the primary Programmer and Web Developer (server and user side) using VBScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, ASP, integrating software and hardware for the company’s security systems and for clients according to specifications. Development of scripts used in the manufacturing of computers and DVR’s. Development of VBScript for the IT Department. Achievements included the design and development of a program in real time extreme video to interconnect shopping malls coast to coast in the U.S. as well as internationally using a VPN that permitted secure monitoring by security departments and law enforcement agencies. Also developed a web site that provided regular updates of images of the security cameras in a national chain of grocery and pharmaceutical stores to be utilized by the client’s security team.

Other tasks included integration of programs and automated installers, security programs and secure web sites for the company and its clients. Created a broad range of different secure intranets that can be accessed only by users with permits within the Active Directory (AD).

CIS Tutor – Educational Access Center
North Seattle Community College
March 1999 – June 2004

Tutor for students with learning disabilities in C++, ASP, HTML, SQL, VB, VBScript, Java, JavaScript, Basic, DOS, UNIX, Linux, Windows, Word, Access, Power Point, Excel, Network, Mathematics. Work required interaction on a one-on-one basis with each of the disabled students, learning about their individual needs and limitations and creating learning methods for each of them in each of their subjects. In five years dedicated to this department, each of the students passed their subjects with above expected grades on their first attempts.

Web Developer
Interorb Inc.
February 2000 – October 2002

Web Developer in ASP, HTML, SQL, ODBC, JavaScript. This was an entrepreneurial effort, which provided the opportunity to develop different web sites on server and user sides, as well as learning about the marketplace and its needs.

Localization Engineer & Quality Assurance
Internet Language Company
June 2000 – December 2000

Web Developer in ASP, HTML, SQL, ADO, JavaScript, localization of new language products and technologies. This was a study requirement for graduation that provided the opportunity to work for two quarters on the assignment of the creation of the company’s intranet and the sales intranet.

Computer Information Systems - Lab Tutor
North Seattle Community College
March 1999 – December 2000

Tutor of C++, ASP, HTML, SQL, VB, VBScript, Java, JavaScript, Basic, DOS, UNIX, LINUX, Windows, Ms Word, Ms Access, Ms Power Point, Ms Excel. Confronted logical programming problems and debugged different codes for many students requesting help. It provided the opportunity to become very flexible and administrate time well.

Administration & Operations Vice-President
Comercial Industrial Bonafide
January 1984 – September 1995

CIS Manager, Marketing and Administration. Main duties were related to the computer information systems and included the creation and maintenance of databases, supervision of programmers and their program designs. Created programs to address the company’s needs and also participated in marketing activities on a national and international level as well as communication with the banks (letters of credit, and import/export documents), preparation of the payroll and invoicing.

Vice-President (Co-Founder)
January 1991 – September 1995

CIS Manager – Data Base Development, Programmer, Resource locator, Conference presentations, etc. Along with seven others, founded the only organization in Venezuela to work for people suffering with HIV. Duties included all computer-related tasks (creation of database of people affected by HIV keeping their information private and secure, creation of database of sponsors and contributors of money and help, database of events organized to collect funds and donations to run Fundavalor, and managing a database of conferences and presentations held around the country and administering organizations requesting presentations to educate the public).

Head of Computer Systems Department
Liquidación Cambio La Guaira
August 1987 – December 1991

CIS Manager – Programmer, Data Base Development, Data Recovery. Appointed by the Central Bank to work with the group liquidating Cambio La Guaira (Venezuela’s largest currency exchange house, foreign currency banking company, numismatic operations and precious metals and gems operating house). After the owner’s disappearance from Venezuela with most of the accessible assets, was put in charge of the computer system, to recover the information erased from the hard drives as well as the transactions that had taken place in the entity in order to establish what was owed to banks, businesses and individuals who claimed they had lost monies with this group and re-pay them accordingly. New programs created in C, RPG for reports and reconstruction in COBOL, FORTRAN and ASSEMBLY.

Spanish Teacher
Shoreline Family Support Center
1997 – 2002

Taught Spanish for beginner and advanced students using a self-prepared course.

Volunteer as Translator
American Red Cross
2000 – 2001

Translator of written texts from English to Spanish and interpretation of spoken messages.